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Our full stack Halal Ad Management platform powered by Athan Intelligence will help you

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Athan Intelligence®


Filling the gap in Islamic industry with our 4 pillars of intelligence

Data driven,
not gut driven

Instead of showing the advertisement in every possible place, we go with deep data analysis of traffic, demographics, and personas through intelligent targetting.

Plug those marketing

We manage the supply and demand equilibrium carefully so we don’t overkill the message to someone who doesn’t want to listen to you.

Unmatched global
Muslim insights

Our marketing and data team has done a tremendous amount of research on consumer behavior in the Halal industry. We did it for our products. Let us share that knowledge with you.

Intelligent investments,
positive returns

To ensure positive returns, we start our ROI campaigns in small segments and run the predictive analysis before calling it a success. So you don’t lose your money.